Vijay Chevva

Director, Data & Analytics
Vijay has influenced and led business critical operations to derive value from enterprise data. He has proven experience to identify operational efficiencies and revenue growth opportunities across different business segments using data at scale. A data & technology savvy professional with proven track record across broad range of  Enterprise Information Management capabilities.


A brief description of core capabilities which would generate value for an organisation are described below:


Information Management:

Extensive experience in steering technical leadership to drive project in the space of Data Integration, Data Quality & Governance, Data Storage & Processing Platforms, Data Architecture, Data Modelling & Visualization. His core capabilities include consolidating data from various systems onto a single platform, developing design frameworks for various integration patterns, implementing data quality monitoring applications. A pioneer in engineering implementing applications using distributed processing frameworks such as SPARK to process high volumes of batch data and Spark Streaming / storm to process real-time data computation needs.


Analytical Capabilities:

As a knowledge savvy, his eagerness in statistical modelling & cloud applications development led to developing products with artificial intelligence capabilities which can synthesize huge amount of data form IoT devices and generate insights to answer key business questions in Telecommunication & Utility sectors. These applications are capable to answer queries using voice on web and mobile platforms. He has lead project across many organisations to prototype capabilities using cloud based video/image API’s to derive insights from multimedia content.


Cloud architecture:

He has developed data architectures from data source to data consumption, experienced in distributed data architectures such as Lambda & Kappa for batch and real-time data processing on Hadoop platform. He has helped clients to evaluate their data architectures and provide insights to optimize data travel time from producer to end consumer. Strong capabilities in designing enterprise application architectures on major cloud platforms.


As a visionary consultant he has worked with major Australian based companies such as KPMG, Macquarie Bank, Common Wealth Bank, Good Guys and News Corp. Influential in shaping current and future organisational capability, with his global industry experience spanning Media, Retail, Telecommunications, Banking, and Utilities.


He holds a Master in IT Systems and is attained industry recognised certifications across various technical and project management capabilities.