Vishal Kapoor

Director, Data & Analytics
Vishal has earned an enviable reputation in developing and executing transformational analytical projects that has redefined operational success.  His zest for adopting and leveraging data to drive growth has paid dividends for many Fortune 500 companies in Australia, USA, India, and the Asia Pacific region.

As Advanced Analytics Leader for Mu Sigma – the world’s largest pure-play analytics company – Vishal managed a multi-million dollar portfolio and served as a key player in establishing and scaling Asia operations for Bayesia, a niche product company that specialises in Machine Learning and Bayesian Networks.

With a rich and diverse background across Customer Analytics, Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences, Loyalty Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Personalisation, Vishal has played key roles in developing organisational and divisional analytics strategies and executing large projects.

This has included one of Australia’s largest Loyalty Programs, where he conceptualised and executed a Personalisation Program for a leading Australian Telco that formed the basis of all customer analytical models, as well as an end-to-end Fraud & Claims Optimisation Model that Vishal developed for a leading Australian insurer that delivered a ~$10M uplift in fraud detections.

Vishal holds a Bachelor of Technology.