About Us

Providing actionable insights, allowing you to make data-driven strategic decisions for maximum growth and efficiency.

INGRITY is a progressive data and analytics company. delivering actionable insights to drive impact. We’ve seen success in leading and delivering major data transformation programs in large and medium enterprises in Australia.

We assist our clients in improving their internal data and analytics capabilities and think innovatively about solving critical business issues with data.

Ingrity serves a diverse range of large and medium-sized clients across banking, insurance, retail, law, underwriting, and real estate and provides superior business expertise and extensive experience in data and technology implementations.

Why Ingrity?

Our People

Rare combination of skills and experiences across Data analytics, technology, finance, risk, audit, consulting, business transformation and leadership. T-shaped skills and inter-disciplinary teams.

Our Tech

Deep expertise in a variety of traditional and modern tools and technologies which enabled us to successfully deliver various complex projects. These projects cover many areas, including Cloud migration, APIs, Data integration, Data modelling, Dashboard development, and Data quality management.

Our Innovation

We are nimble and have minimal overheads. We are commercially competitive, flexible and adaptable.

We invest in helping women return to the workforce – conducting free Data analytics training programs and creating job opportunities.

Our Difference

Our expert knowledge, industry experience, interdisciplinary team and way of working is what sets us apart.

A strong track record of delivering complex projects with great customer advocacy. We are proactive, pragmatic and responsive.

Our Navigation Team






Executive Director - Customer Development


Director, Data & Analytics


Director, Data & Analytics


Director, Data & Analytics


Manager Finance & Administration

Our interdisciplinary data analytics team

Empowering businesses to accelerate their growth and efficiency by harnessing the power of data.

A variety of technical skills are required to define, design, develop and deliver data initiatives.

Our team comprises people with deep expertise in specific skills. Depending on the project and customer needs, we assemble our interdisciplinary team with relevant expertise to deliver the best outcomes.

Our people have the following skills and expertise

Architect & Solution Designer

Creates the structure and design of data systems to deliver the technical requirements.

Strategic Consultant

Develops data strategy and manages technology selection and product ownership.

Business Analyst

Gathers business, functional, and technical requirements to define scope of work.

Data Engineer

Builds data pipelines and regulates the flow, transformation, and integration of data.

Data Modeler

Develops conceptual, logical, and physical data modelling solutions.

API Developer

Defines specifications, develops/modifies programs and prepares test data.

BI Developer

Builds data pipelines and regulates the flow, transformation, and integration of data.

Data Scientist​

Uses advanced analytics techniques to create algorithms and models

Data Governance

Establish data governance infrastructure, technology, policies and process.

Project Manager

Ensures project delivery by managing quality, timeline, and costs.

Platform Engineer/DevOps

Develops and manages data platforms.

Test Engineer

Creates test cases and performs end-to-end data and functional testing.