Data Insights

Providing actionable insights, resulting in accurate, data-driven decisions, allowing your business to increase and sustain its competitive advantage.

How we create actionable data insights

Data Insights
use cases

Customer Attrition Model

Enabling proactive identification and management of customers at high risk of churn.

Data Analytics Support to Internal Audit

Leveraging advanced technology and modern data analytics techniques to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the client’s Internal Audit team.

Executive Dashboards

Enabling our client to make crucial business decisions by establishing a reliable and centralized data source.

Delivered many dashboard projects in Power BI, Tableau and ThoughtSpot to assist Executives, Middle Managers and Operational Staff make data-driven decisions.

Built insightful customer complaint dashboards to enhance enterprise-wide complaints management and action.

Developed an advanced analytics model to predict business customer churn and provide insights to reduce customer attrition.

Provided risk analytics services to group risk and internal audit function to identify and quantify the impact of unmitigated risk.