Use Cases

Data Consulting

Infrastructure Review and Recommendations

Ingrity provided expert guidance to enhance the client’s cloud technology infrastructure, optimising data transfer, conversion, security, and storage.

Data Strategy & Initiatives Roadmap

Ingrity collaborated with the client to develop a robust data strategy and a comprehensive 3-year initiatives roadmap, enabling their transformation into a data-driven business.

Matrix Architecture for Executives (Insurance Claims)

Ingrity facilitated consistent decision-making and alignment of objectives across the organizational hierarchy for a prominent Australian insurance builder.

Data Delivery

Real-time Data Streaming Framework Design

Ingrity enabled real-time decision-making through the implementation of an event-based data integration framework.

Data Platform Migration to Cloud (AWS)

Ingrity enabled an Australian bank to accelerate actionable insights by migrating their on-premises data sources to AWS cloud, resulting in cost savings, improved agility, and enhanced data processing.

Platform Migration (GCP)

Streamlined data migration to the cloud with automated data validation.

Data Insights

Customer Attrition Model

Enabling proactive identification and management of customers at high risk of churn.

Data Analytics Support to Internal Audit

Leveraging advanced technology and modern data analytics techniques to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the client’s Internal Audit team.

Executive Dashboards

Enabling our client to make crucial business decisions by establishing a reliable and centralized data source.

Data Operations

Data availability

Ingrity’s expertise enabled a major banking client to eliminate disruptions in data delivery, preventing downstream business impacts.

Cloud Cost Optimization

By optimizing the client’s cloud service configuration, we achieved significant reductions in their monthly cloud expenditure.

Data Analytics Managed Service

As a trusted business partner, we collaborated with the client to enhance their data capabilities and deliver significant cost advantages.