Infrastructure Review and Recommendations

Ingrity provided expert guidance to enhance the client’s cloud technology infrastructure, optimising data transfer, conversion, security, and storage.

Challenge At Hand

The client has been utilizing Microsoft Cloud and BI technology for the past decade, expanding their services and infrastructure to meet the growing internal demand for data and insights. However, the lack of a centralized governance process resulted in potential risks and gaps in their infrastructure. With the implementation of a new policy admin system and the continued increase in data volumes, the CIO sought ways to improve data technology, resilience, and security. 

Solution: Ingrity's Approach

Ingrity conducted a comprehensive review of the client’s Cloud Infrastructure, Data Integration Architecture, Database setup, and support services. Through our analysis, we identified critical areas requiring improvement, including data encryption, access controls, data availability, recovery and backup best practices, CI/CD, and data integration between SQL databases. Based on these findings, we recommended significant enhancements to address these issues. 

For instance, we discovered that the client was relying solely on Azure Transparent Data Encryption as a default measure, leaving personally identifiable information (PII) vulnerable. In response, Ingrity proposed the following actions: 

  • Identify PII attributes during data ingestion, implement a hashing technique within the framework, and separate data into different schemas. 
  • Restrict access and security to a specific group of authorized users. 
  • Present only hashed values to business users, ensuring PII remains protected. 

Customer Benefits

Ingrity’s guidance and recommendations have provided several benefits to the customer, including: 

  1. Comprehensive understanding of gaps and risks in the current user authentication practices. 
  2. Specific solutions to improve encryption of personally identifiable information (PII). 
  3. A significant cost saving of 70% in Azure storage expenses by creating separate Data Factory pipelines to archive unused Claims history data. 

By implementing our recommendations, the client has enhanced their data security, optimized their infrastructure, and achieved substantial cost savings. Ingrity continues to support the client in their journey towards robust and secure data management. 

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