Data Strategy & Initiatives Roadmap

Ingrity collaborated with the client to develop a robust data strategy and a comprehensive 3-year initiatives roadmap, enabling their transformation into a data-driven business.

Challenge At Hand

The client faced high demand for data and insights, requiring business users to invest significant time and effort in manual data preparation using tools like Microsoft Excel. To meet their business objectives, they needed better access to high-quality data and insights. 

Solution: Ingrity's Approach

Although the client had well-defined business goals and strategies, they lacked a data strategy necessary to achieve them. Ingrity recognized the importance of a roadmap to enhance their data capabilities and provide reliable data insights. The client’s senior executives sought guidance on improving their data maturity. 

Ingrity’s analysis revealed that the organization was unable to realize the full value of data due to inadequate investments in appropriate technologies and automated data delivery. We worked closely with the client’s executives, comprehensively understanding their business strategy, goals, processes, and priorities, to define the current and ideal future state of their data maturity. 

Ingrity adopted a two-pronged approach to design a strategic roadmap for the client’s data journey. The data strategy and roadmap focused on two areas: data management and data value management. Data management initiatives aimed to ensure data availability, quality, and security, while data value management initiatives focused on leveraging data to drive business outcomes. 

Over the course of two years, Ingrity collaborated with the client on multiple data initiatives based on the initial roadmap, progressively moving them closer to the defined end state. 

Customer Benefits

Ingrity’s engagement delivered several benefits to the client, including: 

  1. Fully automated Cloud data platform and Power BI dashboards: Business requests for new insights are now fulfilled with speed and accuracy. The client has advanced along the analytics maturity curve, generating predictive insights to strengthen business planning and operations. 
  2. Integrated Data Platform on Azure: Substantially improved data availability and access, reducing the time to obtain insights, and enabling faster decision-making by the management. The client transitioned from PowerPoint and Excel to Power BI, automating most of their information reports. The time required to deliver new dashboards and reports to the executive team reduced from three weeks to one day. 

Ingrity’s collaboration empowered the client to harness the power of their data, streamline reporting processes, and make data-driven decisions with agility and confidence. The client experienced a transformative journey towards data maturity and continues to unlock new opportunities through data-driven insights. 

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