Matrix Architecture for Executives (Insurance Claims)

Ingrity facilitated consistent decision-making and alignment of objectives across the organizational hierarchy for a prominent Australian insurance builder.

Challenge At Hand

The client relied on Excel-based reports and dashboards to evaluate their business performance. However, these reports lacked cohesion and a standardized approach, leading to discrepancies in metrics calculation and a fragmented understanding of progress towards business goals. 

Solution: Ingrity's Approach

Ingrity collaborated with senior stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the client’s essential business objectives. We transformed these objectives into key performance indicators (KPIs) that could be used by senior executives, middle management, and operations teams to guide their decision-making and actions. 

By aligning organizational objectives across different levels, Ingrity established consistency in KPI definitions and ensured alignment with business goals. We designed and developed a set of Executive, Managerial, and Operational dashboards to drive desired business outcomes. 

The executive information suite was streamlined to include three report pages with 12 critical KPIs, providing a concise and actionable overview of performance. The data in these dashboards is refreshed daily, enabling up-to-date insights and monitoring. 

Customer Benefits

Through the implementation of dashboards and KPIs, our client experienced several benefits: 

  1. Performance Monitoring: The client gained the ability to monitor and measure their performance against strategic goals and objectives. This facilitated a data-driven approach to decision-making and provided a clear understanding of progress. 
  2. Informed Decision-Making: The dashboards and KPIs empowered the client to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Executives, managers, and operational teams could leverage these insights to collaborate effectively and prioritize their efforts. 
  3. Driving Business Forward: With consistent metrics and alignment with objectives, the client was able to drive their business forward. The clear visibility of performance allowed them to identify areas of improvement, implement targeted strategies, and achieve their desired outcomes. 

Ingrity’s solution provided the client with a unified and cohesive approach to performance evaluation and decision-making. By leveraging data-driven insights, the client was empowered to optimize their operations and enhance their overall business performance. 

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